Adopt a Sequoia is Discontinued

Due to the extraordinary number of fires and the unpredictability of where the next fire will occur, we are sadly discontinuing the Adopt-a-Sequoia Fundraising program.
If your would like to donate and received a packet with the understanding that the sequoia photo you receive many no longer exist due to a wildfire, we will gladly send you a packet.
For only $100 for a single tree* and $2,500 for a stand of sequoias*.
All proceeds will be used to continue our work to protect and preserve the Giant Sequoias.

*Adoption of sequoia does not give you legal ownership of the sequoia or guarantee that it will still be standing with the same appearance as in the photograph.
Since 2015 over half of all sequoia groves have experianced fire and tragically climate change has caused such a deep drought, multiple monarchs have  been killed and far too much aggressive post-fire "hazard tree" reduction is occuring by agencies and private owners.
Sequoias, Jeffrey pine, and ponderosa pine have thick bark that protects the cambium from fire. When a tree looks dead, it may flush after the winter rains.
SFK is working hard to protect trees that may show life after a fire. If you visit the Johnsondale area, you may notice a grove large Jeffrey pines SE of the community with faded blue markings that are alive and healthy. Sequoia ForestKeeper fought to keep those trees from being felled as hazard trees after the 2002 McNally Fire.
Large trees protect the land from the devastation of wildfire because they do not burn as readily and they shade the ground from from the desiccating rays of the sun and keep smaller plants from germinating.
Fire is necessary in Sequoia Groves to help new sequoias germinate and to clear out smaller shrubs and trees that can act as ladder fuel in the groves. Sequoias need other large trees from different species to help stabilize the shallow sequoia roots. 

  Sequoia Adoption includes:
  • A beautiful certificate of adoption
  • GPS coordinates of your adopted Sequoia photo (* may have been burned since the time of adoption)
  • A map so you can visit the grove of trees anytime you wish and hopefully see the tree in the photo.
  • A lovely 8x10 color photo of your sequoia standing at the time of SFKs field visit.

If you are interested in supporting SFK by adopting a Sequoia for yourself or a loved one, you can do so via mail or online.
Fill out this form and mail it and your payment check or money order to:
Sequoia ForestKeeper
P.O. Box 2134
Kernville, CA  93238

Important Notice: Sequoia ForestKeeper does not receive credit card or paypal information from Network for Good - If you do not input your name or email and instead list yourself as anonymous: we will be unable to process your gift because we have no idea who you are or how to contact you!
Please email or call us to complete your gift processing with more information. (leave a message if we don't answer and we will call you back as soon as we get the message.)
We do not rent, lease, or sell your information ever. We believe in privacy and are annoyed at non-profits who don't. Patagonia does not supply us any of your financial information and they will not share any information not disclosed on the Adopt a Sequoia form. Thanks!
Make sure your fill out the information online including your email address:
Designation (Optional)
To designate your donation for a specific fund or purpose, please enter a description of how you'd like your donation to be used.
The boxes allow for 100 characters or spaces.
WRITE ADOPT A SEQUOIA what type of photo you prefer to send to the recipient and whether this will be sent to you or the honoree.
Example: Adopt A Sequoia - photo of trunk, whole tree, or top of tree. Please mail to: NAME.
Dedication or Gift (Optional)
To make a donation on behalf of or in memory of another person, please enter the person's name. You will have a chance to send an eCard to this person at the end of making a donation.
In honor the marriage of John and Jane Doe. 
Happy 40th Birthday John Doe.
In Memory of John Doe. He is missed.
In honor of the anniversary of John Doe's Company. 
If this is a gift: when we contact you, please be prepared to supply the recipient's name, mailing address, city, state, zip and email address.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your adoption packet. If you need your sequoia adoption certificate rushed the priority mail fee is $10 extra, please contact Alison right away by clicking this link.